Not-for-profit Sector Discount

About this sector discount

We appreciate the important role people in the not-for-profit sector play in our communities. We also know what an important role first aid training plays in providing safe communities and therefore support the sector through cost-effective first aid training.

If you are associated with a not-for-profit organisation, you are probably eligible for our Not-for-profit Sector discount. The Not-for-profit Sector discount applies to our Workplace First Aider course, which meets NZQA, WorkSafe, and Ministry of Education requirements for most industries and workplaces. We also offer cost effective First Aid Revalidation and private group course.

To find out more about our first aid courses, please view our course information. To find out more about how to organise a private group course, please view our group booking information.

First Aid for Early Childhood Education

Not-for-profit (NFP) sector pricing

If you are working in or for a not-for-profit organisation as employee or volunteer, you are probably eligible for our Not-for-profit Sector discount.

Course fees and discounts for Not-for-profit sector
  Workplace First Aider Revalidation First Aid
Standard course fee $225 $135
Less Not-for-profit (NFP) sector discount -$55  
Less early payment discount -$20 -$10
Course fee with all discounts $150 $125
If you would like to have NZQA credits registered, please note that there is an additional cost of $15 per person.

View course schedule and make a booking

To view our course schedule and make a booking please click the button below. By using this booking form you will receive our Not-for-profit (NFP) sector discount (pending eligibility confirmation). We will email you a confirmation with all the course details, including payment instructions.

You are not entering into any commitments by clicking the booking button until you submit your booking during the final step of the booking process.

Hear from our satisfied clients and learners

Thanks heaps. See you in 2 years time. Big nga mihi to our teacher too. He was fun and informative.


We’ve had great feedback about the practical sessions. It’s tailor made, more focused. Staff are learning more online and getting more out of it than the old style.


Found the new online [booking] system much easier than having to talk on the phone! We are deaf people so reading stuff is much easier for us.