First aid for farmers

Practical first aid training tailored to farm risks and environmental settings

Our First Aid on Farms course covers the most important first aid needs of a typical New Zealand farm. It covers:

  • Practical first aid skills (stopping severe bleeding, applying a tourniquet, managing burns, managing soft tissue injuries, stabilising limbs and fractures, moving patient, getting help)
  • CPR, shock, and bleeding
  • First aid equipment needs
  • Scenario work (quad bike rollover, crushing by animal)
  • Special considerations for dairy farms (working in isolation, difficulties accessing emergency services, remoteness)

The key features of this course are:

  • 4-hour course, delivered face-to-face
  • No homework, no written assessment
  • Focuses on practical skills and relevant scenarios
  • Does not include unit standard assessment

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This course has no prerequisites but you need to have an acceptable level of spoken English and sufficient physical fitness to perform first aid skills, including performing CPR on the floor.

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