Our flexible approach delivers memorable high quality first aid training

What is high quality first aid training?

High quality training is getting the best learning outcomes for your people. This depends on many factors, including:

  • How well the course delivery matches learners’ preferred learning styles;
  • The use of practical first aid tools and simple concepts that are memorable;
  • The relevance of learning activities to first aid emergencies learners are likely to encounter;
  • The quality of teaching equipment and the learning environment;
  • The number of learners in the course and therefore the time the trainer has to support individual learners;
  • The knowledge and experience of trainers in both first aid and adult education; and
  • The resources provided to learners for their training and for supporting them in the provision of first aid in their workplace, community, or home.
“Wonderful First Aid Trainers. Course was well-paced and suitable for all types of learners. Trainer was fantastic.”

Rachel – Wintec Te Pūkenga

“An excellent course and an excellent tutor. Practical Training is exactly what we got, tuned perfectly to the needs of the group.”

Shaun – Outdoor Training Waikato

How does Practical Training Solutions ensure training is high quality?

We consider all of the factors above in our course design and delivery and when advising and working with you on first aid training for your organisation. To maximise the quality of training and learning outcomes for your people, we recommend that you think about the following questions:

What course type do we need? Find out about our course types by clicking the button below.

What course style best suits the people I am organising first aid training for? For example, do they prefer self-paced online learning and short practical sessions or learning with others in a classroom setting? Find out about our course styles by clicking the button below.

Is there anything about our organisation’s first aid needs or our learners that should be considered in the course? For example, are there any first aid scenarios that should be covered or do learners need additional support? If this applies to you, please talk to us and we can work with you to create the optimal first aid training for your organisation and learners.