First Aid for Not-For-Profit Organisations Information

Online and early payment discounts available

Our first aid for Not-For-Profit Organisations courses are Workplace First Aider courses that meet NZQA and WorkSafe requirements. We offer up to 35% discount for people who are taking an active role in a Not-For-Profit Organisation, for example sport club coaches, event volunteers, environmental volunteers or volunteers working in the health sector. We appreciate the important role you play in our communities. We also know what an important role first aid training plays in providing safe communities and therefore like to offer you access to cost-effective first aid training.

The Workplace First Aider course is made up of 8.5 hours class time (usually taught in one day) and a 4 hour Self-directed Learning Module (homework) that Learners complete in their own time. We also offer revalidation training. The Revalidation First Aid course is made up of 4 hours class time and a Self-directed Learning Module. To find out more about the course content and NZQA unit standards please view our course information.

We offer a comprehensive schedule of first aid courses for Not-For-Profit Organisations. You can find our timetable below. Group bookings for alternative dates and/or times are welcome.

Course fees and discounts for Not-For-Profit Organisations
Workplace First Aider Revalidation First Aid
Standard course fee $220 $125
Less online NFP sector discount -$55 -$10
Less early payment discount -$20 -$20
Course fee with all discounts $145 $95
If you’d like to have NZQA credits registered, please note that there is an additional cost of $12 per person.

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Click the button below to submit your booking request and receive our special NFP discount.  The booking form allows you to book one or multiple Learners on the same or different days and has the option to submit invoicing information for organisations. We will email you a confirmation with all the course details, including payment instructions.