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Blended Traditional Comparison

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​We offer two delivery methods.  Both have been developed to meet the 12 hour time requirement for unit standard based workplace first aid training.

1. Blended course made up of online learning (completed in the learner's own time) + a short, small group practical training session. The session will be up to 2 hours and compliments the online learning which is completed before the practical session. Practical sessions are scheduled every two hours 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday.  These sessions are held at our venue in Hamilton East.

2. Traditional course made up of self-directed learning worksheets (completed in the learner's own time) + a full day or half day (depending on course type) training session.  The Workplace First Aider session starts at 8:15am and ends at 5pm; the Revalidation First Aid session starts at 8:15am and ends at 12:45pm.  Sessions are held at different venues in Hamilton.

When making your booking, you'll be able to choose between a blended or traditional course and then a calendar of available dates will display.

Training you to be an effective first aider in an emergency
This training prepares you to be an effective first aider in your workplace, home or community. The Workplace First Aider training scheme supports workplaces and organisations in meeting their health and safety requirements relating to first aid through the delivery of first aid training that meets their compliance requirements, including those specified by NZQA, WorkSafe and industry-specific requirements.

What you will learn
As a first aider you need to be prepared to provide first aid in an emergency. Emergency situations can be complex and stressful and therefore it is important that you have a simple plan upon which to base your actions. In this Workplace First Aider course you learn how to prepare such a plan for any emergency situation you may face at work, at home or in any other situation. We’ll do this by:

  • Teaching you the tools you need to create your plan, including tools for primary and secondary assessments, tools to help you
    prioritise your actions and tools to provide specific care.
  • Teaching how to find relevant information you need to prepare your plan. We have collated good first aid information for you and will show you how to use this when you prepare your plan.
  • Importantly, we will teach you how to prepare your own plan for any emergency you may have to deal with in your life.

During your online training we explain information and you will work through simple scenarios and quizzes to reinforce and apply your learning. During your practical session your Trainer will demonstrate practical skills and will have time to practice and discuss what you learned online and during the practical session before doing your practical assessments.

Course delivery under COVID-19 alert levels
While we are operating under the COVID-19 alert level system, the delivery of our Workplace First Aider course is done through NZQA approved online learning and a one-on-one practical training session. Small group training sessions (within your bubble) may be possible but your unique situation needs to be discussed first.

Course duration
Delivery of our Workplace First Aider course during COVID-19 alert levels is done through NZQA approved online learning and a practical training session. The one-on-one practical training session will be one hour and together with the online learning component will meet the 12 hour time requirement for unit standard based workplace first aid training. Revalidation training also comprises online and practical training with a half hour practical training session.

Course fees

Course fees and discounts for Workplace First Aider course  
Standard course fee $225
Less early payment discount -$30
Course fee with all discounts $195

If you like to have NZQA credits registered, please note that there is an additional cost of $12 per person.

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